Project Monthly Updates

Kiara and (no names yet) November Update:

Hello, my name is Kiara Konyn and I am a freshman at Classical Academy High School in Escondido, CA. I am a member of the 56 Ranchers 4-H club and this is my 9th year in 4-H. This year I was honored to receive the scholarship heifer and steer from Curren’s Cow Foundation. In the month of November, I went to Kirk Stierwalt Clipping Clinic and picked up my scholarship steer and heifer. At the Kirk Stierwalt Clipping Clinic, I learned how to clip, facts about nutrition, fitting, and what different products are used for. My steer actually got to be used for the clipping demonstration. On November 21st, I went up to Colburn Cattle Company to pick up my scholarship heifer. Also on that same day I picked up my scholarship steer. At the moment I don’t have names, but will have names by next month. Thank you to Curren’s Cow Foundation for selecting me to be their scholarship recipient and for all they have done.

An update and shout out:
Kiara took possession of her heifer on Sunday, a cute little Angus Heifer that we are sure will grow into a beautiful cow. She took possession of a steer as well, and the steer will be used as a fund raiser for Curren’s Cows.
We want to thank Ron and Lisa Colburn and Tim and Heidi McBride. Ron and Lisa of Colburn Cattle Company donated the heifer as they have from the start. Tim and Heidi, sponsored the steer yet again. Tim, Heidi, Ron and Lisa have been supporting Curren’s Cows from beginning. We also want to thank, Blaine Rogers of Rogers Livestock for helping us with the acquisition of the steer, he found us a nice one.
Kiara will be very busy but we know she will do a great job.
Hopefully we will get pictures when Kiara submits her monthly update. We look forward to seeing both, the animals and Kiara’s progress this year.
Happy Thanksgiving and thank you to everyone who has supported Curren’s Cows, we appreciate you all.
The 2021-2022 Curren’s Cows Scholarship recipient is Kiara Konyn:

 Kiara lives in Escondido, has shown just about every animal you can at both the San Diego County and Ramona Fair, she will be a great ambassador for the Curren’s Cows Foundation.

Kiara’s Essay:

Hello, my name is Kiara Konyn. I am a member of the 56 Ranchers 4-H beef project and this is my sixth year completing the beef project. I would be honored to be given the opportunity to raise and show a heifer for numerous reasons. I enjoy participating at both local and jackpot shows with quality animals. I also enjoy practicing and would like to increase both my showmanship and fitting skills. I would love to have the opportunity to exhibit a competitive animal and be mentored by someone who my sister spoke so highly of the experience that she had with the program. I would also like the opportunity to improve my fitting and showmanship skills through workshops and clinics such as the Kirk Steirwalt Clinic and other livestock camps throughout California. Also to be able to show beef competitively throughout the state as I have done with my dairy heifers.

Although I still have a long time to go prior to starting college I think that would like to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Fresno State, or Oklahoma State University majoring in Animal Science. Through the rest of my 4-H years and into college I would like to participate on judging teams.

I am a very hardworking, dedicated person. I currently have limited funds. As I pay all of my own project related expenses, I can’t afford to purchase a high quality, competitive animal and be able to jackpot and exhibit the animal at numerous fairs. I hope that you will please consider my application for the Curren’s Cow Scholarship and give me this opportunity to raise a high quality heifer for competition.

Thank You

Kiara Konyn

Congratulations Kiara.

kiara and Ironman

Ethan and Mandy June update
During the month of June Mandy and I worked hard on grooming and showmanship. We were working hard because at the end of June we had my country fair and the breed show. Mandy was placed first in her division, and moved onto final drive. The final drive was tough but, Mandy was awarded champion breeding heifer.
Kayla and Amber May update

This month with Amber has been fun. Although we didn’t go to any shows this month we put in a lot of hard work at home. It has been really warm lately and I have been rinsing and conditioning Amber’s hair to keep it growing. She is shedding some of her old coat but her new one is coming in nicely. I have also been practicing showmanship and tying her head up to prepare for our next show. I have entered her in my county fair in July but hope to find a local show in June. I also dewormed her this month and gave her a Silence fly tag to help with the flies. I am looking forward to next month with Amber.

Ethan and Mandy May Update

May was another slow month for Mandy and I. We entered in one virtual show. Mandy was awarded reserve champion heifer. Other than that we just kept working on showmanship together, and washing. Here are the photos and videos from the virtual show

Kayla and Amber April Update
This month with Amber has been quiet. We did not attend any jackpots this month but are awaiting the results of a virtual show I entered her in. We have been working on hair care, showmanship and tying her head up for future shows. I am looking forward to showing her more this summer and improving our showmanship skills.
Ethan and Mandy April update:
Mandy and I were able to compete in our first local show this month. We were in showmanship class 1 of the weekend and we were excited to have the show get started. It was a big class, but we worked together and moved on to champion drive. In the end I was awarded champion senior showman and then it was Mandy’s time to shine in the breeding heifer show. The breed show was smaller than other shows we’ve showed at in the past, but Mandy quickly rose to the top and was chosen as the champion breeding heifer. At the end of the show the judge complimented us by sharing how fun it was to judge a show with a quality heifer like Mandy. It was a great show day.
Ethan and Mandy March update:
March has been a quiet month for Mandy and I. We did not travel to any shows but continued to work on showmanship and hair care at home. Mandy had her feet trimmed at the beginning of the month. Then she was bred after that. We are waiting to se if she is pregnant and preparing for a show at the end of April.
Kayla and Amber March Update:

This month with Amber has been really fun! We finally got to go to some jackpots. The first jackpot I went to was the Northern Exposure in Corning CA. I entered Amber in all three shows. In the first show we won our class and got to go in for supreme grade heifer which was really cool. In the second show she won her class again and in the supreme grade heifer drive we were selected champion. That was such a cool experience as I have never won champion at a jackpot before. In the third show we won our class again but was not selected in the supreme drive. Amber did so well showing and I had a great time with her.. We made the final drive in showmanship and Amber did so well. After Northern Exposure I went to the Red Wave Classic in Fresno CA. Showmanship was first and we made the final drive in showmanship, which we then placed 6th. Amber was getting a little fidgety at the end of showmanship but overall she did really well. In her class we placed third with some tough competition. I also entered Amber in a virtual show so I will be sending in the videos and look forward to seeing how she does! I have been having a great time working with and showing Amber. She has such a fun personality and loves getting brushed.  

Ethan and Mandy February Update:
Mandy has been doing great in the month of February. We have progressed in our showing and in our trust. At the beginning of the month we went to the Arizona Classic, Mandy won third overall Heifer. This past weekend we competed in the Rock &Show in Casa Grande. Mandy and I went into showmanship and she did everything I asked of her, I was selected as the Senior Champion Showman. Right after that we went into the heifer show, after advancing to the champion drive, Mandy placed third overall again!
Kayla and Amber February Update
This month I was looking forward to going to two jackpots with Amber but unfortunately both were cancelled. I have been rinsing and conditioning her hair, practicing showmanship and tying her head up to prepare her for the jackpots I am hoping to attend in March. I have also entered Amber in a virtual jackpot so that should be fun! Amber is such a fun heifer to work with and be around and I look forward to the next show we can attend!
January Update for Ethan and Mandy
Mandy has been doing great this past month. I have continued washing, setting her up and practicing showing each week. I signed up for a show in Yuma and loaded her into the trailer and got on the road! The show was a one day show and it started off with showmanship. We were in the first class of my age division. Mandy did so well and did everything I asked of her. We moved on to the next round. In the end, I was awarded Reserve Champion Senior Showman.
After that the heifer show started, and once again we were in class 1. The judge was very complimentary of Mandy and we advanced. In the Final Drive, Mandy was very tired but she pushed through it and she won Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer! I was so excited, and I cannot wait for the next show. It’s been great watching her progress while growing as a team.

Kayla and Ambers January update

I have been working with Amber many hours a week preparing her for the show season. I have rinsing and blowing her out, practicing showmanship and tying her head up. She is so fun to work with and loves to get brushed. I had been looking for a show to enter her in and found the Double Down Jackpot in Corning. I had her all clipped and fitted for the show and she looked Great!
There were 2 shows and in show A we won our class and I was excited. When we went into Show B and again won our class! In the championship drive Amber was selected Reserve Champion Grade Heifer! I was very proud of her and excited as I have never won at a jackpot! I look forward to continuing to work with her for future shows!

Ethan and Mandy December Update

December Progress Update

This was my first full month with Mandy, and we are making great progress. I have continued washing and working with her daily and the progress was so great that I decided to sign her up and go to a jackpot in Arizona. When we arrived at the show, I got her stall ready and got everything prepped so my friend Eli and I could clip her. When we finished clipping, Mandy had completely changed. She looked amazing.

The next morning was show day. Mandy was class one of heifers so we had to start early.  Mandy did well and we moved on to supreme drive. In supreme drive she was a little excited, but I was able to get her to settle enough for the judge to get a really good look at her. He picked Mandy to be the Supreme Champion Heifer. I was so happy and proud, and I couldn’t wait for day two of showing. Day two rolled around and I couldn’t wait to get started. Eli and I fit Mandy and got her all ready for the show. We were once again in class one of heifers, and we moved on to supreme drive. While we were in supreme drive the judge for day two picked Mandy as Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer. This was an amazing show experience and I can’t wait to go compete more.

Since Mandy has been home from the show I have continued washing and working with her and preparing for the next show. The biggest thing we need to work on is getting her more familiar with the show stick when setting her feet and tail. I look forward to more experience in the ring and seeing what 2021 has to offer.

Kayla and Amber

I went to Colburn Cattle Company on Thursday December 3rd to pick up my heifer. I was so excited to meet the heifer I would be showing and raising in honor of Curren. When we got home and she settled in, She let me get a halter on her and lead her around. She is really friendly and I have decided to name her Amber. She is really sweet and I can’t wait for the show season ahead.

Ethan Rockwell November Update

On Sunday, November 15th, I drove to Colburn Cattle Company eager to meet the Curren’s Cows heifer that I would be raising for the season. My family and I arrived at the ranch just after sundown so I only got to see her in the dark before loading her into the trailer and heading home. On the drive home, I reviewed her paperwork and learned that she is a registered Angus heifer born on 10/28/19, her sire is Colburn Inspire 6116, and her Dam is Silveiras S Sis Sandy.

At home the next day, I started to get to know her as she got used her new home and I decided to name her Mandy. That day I registered for Arizona Nationals knowing that I’d have over a month to get her show ready. Later in the week, I learned the unfortunate news that Arizona Nationals was cancelled due to Covid-19.

I researched other shows in both California and Arizona and considered my options. The Holly Jolly Jackpot seemed like a good fit. l have been working each day to prepare for the show and look forward to showing Mandy and sharing our progress.

Here are some pictures of us:

The 2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients

They 2020-2021 heifer scholarships have been awarded, Kayla Hurl from Shandon, Ca and Ethan Rockwell from Valley Center, Ca. I am sure that both will do a wonderful job representing Curren’s Cows and have a excel with their projects. Congratulations to Kayla and Ethan.

Payton April-September Update

Dear Curren’s Cows,

Well, this year isn’t exactly the year many of us had planned but I am grateful for every second that I have been given to work with Payton. Little did we know that Western Bonanza would be our last in person show, but I am glad to say the show season did not stop there. Over the past few months I had the opportunity to exhibit Payton through a number of virtual shows such as the Coastal Connections and Rockin in the Rona in addition to many others. Throughout these show she received multiple first and seconds in her class in addition to Reserve Grand Champion and 4th Overall Awards. Payton was bred twice and is pregnant to the well-known angus bull, Silveiras Style 9303. She is due during the first week of April 2021. As mentioned, although this was not a normal year I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to exhibit a heifer of this quality. I wish all the recipients of this next year’s scholarship the best of luck as they continue to make a name for the Curren’s Cows Foundation.


Kylie Konyn

Currens Cows Iron Man Updates (Iron Man was the steer project that we sponsored)

Curren’s Cows Update

2nd Quarter Update

Ironman finally likes me and is enjoying being worked with.  He loves getting his bath.  We had a family friend come down and help me learn how to clip and fit him.  He looked beautiful.  We are hoping to enter some shows soon.  He has now worked up to 12 lbs of pre con and over 12 lbs of Purina Show Chow Finishing Touch in addition to his TMR and free choice hay. He also weighs over 1300 lbs but still looks like he is a ways off from being finished.

June Update

Well things have definitely changed this year. Although we are not able to show in person, I have been able to exhibit Ironman in a number of virtual shows.  We have gotten 3rd place at two of them. He is finally geting calm and is really liking me and his food is his favorite.  He is currently over 1400 lbs and I have increased his food.  He has now worked up to over 12 lbs of precon and 20lbs of Purina Show Chow Finishing Touch plus free choice hay and some other supplements.  I was able to do my videos for some of the virtual shows and he was a really good boy.  I hope that he does well in the shows.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to work with Ironman.  He was a very challenging project.  But though a lot of hard work and time spent, I got him to finally trust me and enjoying being worked with.

Kiara Konyn

March/April update for Jenna and Remi

March Update: Sorry this took so long to get to you. As you all know the Corona Virus has impacted the world so much in the last few months. With that came the cancellation of some of the jackpots for the month of March. As much as it was a bummer it was only a motivation to work more with Remi so that when we could return back to showing we would still be competitive. Remi has been enjoying her time off and living life out in the pasture.

April Update: Remi continues to enjoy her life living now in the arena. At the beginning of the month a drunk driver hit the corner of the pasture where Remi was living. We found out this at one o’clock in the morning by a police officer. We went outside to find Remi still in the pasture laying by the front gate. Remi and I’s last possible show has just been cancelled for the year. I’m kinda bummed we couldn’t finish out the season like normal but also so thankful for the past jackpots we could attend.

Jenna Schmidt

(Jenna has done an excellent job with Remi and I am sure she would have enjoyed the competition at the shows she was unable to attend. We want to wish her good luck as she heads off to College this fall, we are sure you will excel at that as well, Thank you so much for being part of Curren’s Cows) 

March/April Update

Sadly the past month and a half has seen all the shows in the near future cancelled, the girls continue to work with their projects at home hoping to get another chance to show this season. All the girls have done an excellent job thus far and it would be a shame if it was all over this early. Keep up the great work and hopefully you will get the opportunity to show soon.

February/March Update

When I first showed at Western Bonanza eight years ago I got dead last in both of my classes. This year provided a very different outcome. I am proud to say that Payton received 2nd in both of her classes against a very competitive lineup of Commercial heifers. But even more important than her placings, was the opportunity to present her to the many supporters of Curren’s Cow Foundation.

It has been amazing to watch Payton develop since Bonanza and you can only imagine the disappointment from many March jackpots cancelled due to covid-19. That disappointment however has turned into hope, hope that they will continue the shows that are scheduled over the summer. And regardless of outcome, the work must continue. I have attached some pictures of Bonanza in addition to videos of the daily care that I put into Payton. In addition, I am proud to say that I have received her papers from the American Angus Cattle Association and provided the shows continue, I will be showing her registered this summer.

I have discussed breeding plans with Colburn Cattle Co. and will be breeding her in June to Silveiras Style. Thank you again for your continual support.

Kylie Konyn

Kiara and Ironman

My name is Kiara Konyn. I am in the 7th grade at Classical Academy. I have participated in 4-H for 6 years, however I started showing cattle with my sister before that. I would like to thank the Curren’s Cow program for letting me have the opportunity to raise one of their steers. Also to Colburn Cattle Company for donating the steer I named my steer Ironman since the fair theme this year is Superheros.

When I first got Ironman, he was very nervous and kept running away from me, but through patience and hard work he is finally starting to calm down. I think he had gotten in the habit of trying to get away, as he tries to do that a lot.  When we first brought him home, I weighed him on the truck scale. This weekend was the first time that he was able to be walked to the scale. He currently weighs 1220 and gained approximately 100 pounds in just over a month since I got him.>

Ironman is currently being fed 8 lbs of Precon and 12 lbs of Purina Honor Showchow. In addition he is being fed free choice grass hay and approximately 20 lbs of an alfalfa based TMR.  He gets bathed once a week with soap and rinsed the other days. He has a couple of itchy spots that I am putting a fungus spray on because he rubbed his hair off.  He was also wormed with ivermectin and cydectin since we brought him home. We have also started him on some supplements that had been recommended for him.

Jenna and Remi February Update

February was a very busy month for Remi and I. As we had just recovered from Porterville we turned around and had two more jackpots back to back. Redwave was our second jackpot that we have attended. We won Champion Commercial Heifer and got to compete for Overall Supreme Female which was a huge honor and very exciting. We also got 8th overall showman. Although this was exciting, I still wanted to continue to improve in showmanship. We work super hard during the following week to improve for our next jackpot which was Western Bonanaza in Paso Robles. Paso was also a great show winning Reserve Champion Commercial heifer in both rings. We also improved in our showmanship skills by winning 6th overall showman. This was very exciting because of the level of competition Western Bonanza is the highest of all the jackpots I will attend this season. One take away I had from this jackpot was more exercise for my heifer and how to show my heifer more efficiently to hide her flaws. By increasing her exercise she will continually get better at walking with a level top. Again I thank you for all the support. These last few months have been a lot of fun jackpotting and doing what I love which is showing cattle.

Jenna and Remi January Update

January has been a great month full of hard work, progress, and success! We have been getting to know each other better and she is gaining more and more trust in me. Remi and I got to go to our first jackpot. Although it was a little chilly, Sierra Winter Classic was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. This was my first jackpot showing a heifer and it definitely paid off. We won Champion Grade Heifer in Ring A and B. Remi and I have been workin hard at improving our showmanship skills by spending fifteen to twenty minutes a day. We got fifth high showman in both rings.

Kylie and Payton’s January Update

January was a fun month for Payton and I. We attended the Sierra Winter Classic where Payton placed a close second in both rings. The heifer that won the class went on to receive reserve champion. Due to recommendations, we have increased Payton’s feed in addition to changing up her supplement protocol. Payton continues to be healthy and happy in addition to building her stamina for the show ring. I will work to increase my showmanship skills over the next few weeks in preparation for the other jackpots later next month. Thank you again for your continual support.

Kylie Konyn

Kylie and Payton’s December Update

Happy Holidays from Payton and I. Although Payton and I weren’t able to attend any shows this month, we have still been busier than ever. Payton continues to build her stamina through walks and standing with her head tied up. In the morning, she receives half a scoop of depth charge and a scoop of precon in addition to her fit and feminine supplements. In the evening, she gets orchard hay, a scoop of finishing touch, a scoop of precon, and her supplements. Provided I find a ride as my mom and siblings will be at a 4-H leadership camp, our next show will be the Sierra Winter Classic mid-January in Porterville. Payton got a neck sweat for Christmas which will hopefully aid in cleaning up her front end. Thank you again for all of your support.


Jenna’s November-December update 2019

I officially have come up with a name for my heifer! Remi has been an amazing project so far. I picked her up from Colburns Cattle on November 19. When I first got Remi it took a week or two for us to get acquainted. She was nervous the first few times I washed her but now is very easy and loves being washed with the scrub brush. Remi and I also work on showmanship almost everyday because I believe a little of practice each day will prepare us for upcoming shows. Although we have not been able to go any shows yet I am looking forward to our first jackpot in January. 

Kylie and Payton November Update 2019

Naming my New Heifer and Harvest Moon Write Up

By setting up polls and surveys boxes on my Instagram, I received a lot of input however none of the names seemed to fit my new heifer…that was until my mom suggested Payton. To be honest, I didn’t settle on a name until the end of the weekend, but Payton seemed to be the best fit.

Payton and I had an amazing weekend attending our first show of the year, the Harvest Moon. It is hard to believe that a week ago when I picked my new heifer up. I had difficulty approaching her when she wasn’t on the halter and loose in the pen. Also, she was a bit of a challenge to lead. Throughout the week I worked at least two hours daily with her and by Friday I had a feeling that my time and efforts were paying off. On Saturday, Payton received second in her class to the Reserve Champion Grade Heifer. But the best part about Saturday, was making the finals for Senior Showmanship! Not only was it my first time making the finals for showmanship at a jackpot, but it was proof of my hard work and dedication that went into getting Payton to trust and work with me. The glory became even sweeter when on Day 2 Payton was named Reserve Grade Champion.

As we look forward to the next show, my main goal is to work of Payton’s stamina. I would like to thank Justin Click and Ethan Rockwell for their assistance with fitting Payton and letting me practice my fitting skills under supervision. Thank you again to all of the supporters of Curren’s Cows’ Foundation and your continual support and thank you again for giving me this opportunity.

 Housing Setup and Nutrition Write Up

As part of my agreement for Curren’s Cow Foundation, I not only discuss my progress at shows, but also record my daily care. Payton is kept at my house in a box stall. During the night, she is put in a corral where she has more room to run and play. My daily routine begins at 5:30 each morning, when I go down to feed her and tie her with her head up for approximately an hour before I put her back in with the fans for the day. When I come home, I practice on walking and setting her up in addition to grooming her. Last week was a struggle with getting her to walk, but she has made tremendous progress and will even let me walk her to the wash rack now. She is being fed Precon as it is a high source of fiber while only having 1% fat. She is also getting Purina Show Chow for protein. She is also on supplements, such as Depth Charge and Fit N’ Feminine to slim down her neck a bit and grow some rib. As a forage source, she has free choice grass hay. Thank you again for your continual support of Payton and I.

2019-2020 Season

Jenna and Kylie’s experiance at the Stierwalt  Clipping Clinic

Jenna on her experience: I learned a lot from Kirk Stierwalt at the clinic in Porterville. My goal was to get better at fitting and learn how to clip and reflecting back I feel much more comfortable with clippers in my hands. I loved the clinic bc of how hands on it was. I had the chance to LEARN and then go DO on an animal. Kylie and I had a great time getting her animal show ready and learned some great tips on showmanship. I feel more prepared than ever before and can’t wait for jackpot season to begin.

Sincerely Jenna Schmidt

Kylie and her Experience: This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a Kirk Steirwalt clinic and meet the other scholarship recipient, Jenna. On Friday night we went over the importance of daily care and the typical items that you need, easy right? Well it got a lot more advanced real quickly. On Saturday we went over clipping front ends, rear ends, toplines, legs, and heads. We concluded the night with a tritip dinner and a lesson on the importance of nutrition. On Saturday, we were taught how to properly fit and glue up our animals. It was a good thing Jenna and I were working on the same animal as we both had our strengths and were able to complete the entire heifer.  Thank you to Justin, Morganne, and Kirk Steirwalt for an education and fun packed weekend. Thank you to Colburn Cattle Company for sponsoring this year’s heifers. And finally, thank you to Curren’s Cows for giving me endless opportunities. I look forward to an amazing year!


Kylie picked up her heifer:

The weekend concluded when I had the opportunity to pick up my heifer from Colburn Cattle Company. She is an Angus heifer out of Dameron First Class X Philus. For not being started on full feed yet, she has an incredible spring of rib. She is a little feisty on the halter however is getting better by the day. Although she doesn’t have a name yet, you can be on the lookout for more pictures and announcements following this weekend where we will be attending the first show of the year, the Harvest Moon.


Jenna received her heifer on Tuesday, here is a pictures of her after her first Bath at her new home:

2018-2019 Season

Kylie and Alice’s year:

Dear Curren’s Cow,

Approximately a year ago I applied for Curren’s scholarship heifer. Although I wasn’t originally selected as the scholarship recipient, I was given the opportunity to raise one of Curren’s original cow’s calf, Alice. Alice and I have had a year of adventures, full of learning and fun. We participated in shows, such as: Pacific Coast Jackpot, Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair, San Diego County Fair, and Ramona Junior Fair. Probably my most memorable moment was winning Champion Grade heifer at the San Diego County Fair.

Alice has taught me many skills including patience, work ethic, and dedication. As we move into the fall, we will keep our fingers crossed and hope that she gets confirmed pregnant. She has been bred 5 times and most recently to a bull named KR Synergy.

In addition to Alice, I had the opportunity to care for Curren’s foundation females, Gloria and Auntie, these past two months. Auntie is currently bred to Dakota Gold and Gloria is confirmed pregnant to Primo. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have been given with Curren’s girls.


Kylie Konyn

We had a great first year but it is time for this upcoming year to get underway:

Applications are due by October 1, please get started if you are interested in applying for the Heifer Scholarship  for this upcoming year.

Danna and Logan at State Fair:

Just a quick update, pictures and more details to follow:

During the Junior Division Danna and Logan won their class, however they did stay for the open show and  won the Angus show then went on to be Reserve Supreme Heifer! They had a Great State Fair!!

Kylie and Alice at the Ramona fair:

Just a quick update, pictures and more details to follow:

Kylie and Alice just completed the Ramona Fair, Alice placed Second in her class, Kylie placed 4th in Beef Showmanship first in Dairy and went on to win master showmanship.

Danna and Logan May – June Update:

Two weeks ago the most amazing thing happened to Logan and I….we WON the Angus show in Turlock. I know winning isn’t everything but when you put the time and energy into a project (she is not just a project to me) to have it pay off is the best feeling I have ever experienced. I have never had a heifer or steer that knew she/he was good. Logan is beautiful and seamless, when we walk into the ring her ears perk up and she knows she is in it to win it. I truly just love her and everything about her and so proud to be able to lead her into a show ring. She will be bred in the next couple weeks then we will be traveling up to Sacramento for the State Fair where I will be competing with her in the Junior Livestock Show as well as the Open Angus Show and can’t wait to see how she does!

Danna and Logan April Update:

Coming into the summer months, things will be slowing down as far as shows to go to but we are preparing to breed Logan and Im excited to see how she will do once she’s bred. Im looking forward to the Angus Field DaysShow in Turlock and really hopes she does well. We continue to bond and I can’t wait to get her back in the ring.

Kylie and Alice (Alice was awarded Champion Grade Female at the San Diego County Fair)

Kylie has done an outstanding job with our little backyard heifer Alice. The day she came to look at Alice they bonded and it seems they have made a great duo. Great Job Kylie.

Kylie and Alice April-May Update

The past two months have introduced many new aspects to my project with Alice. In May, Alice was exhibited at the Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair. She received 1st in her class and was then named Reserve Supreme Champion of the breed Show. This past week Alice was bred to B&B Rest EZ who is a registered Angus bull, known for his docility and low birth weight for an easy first calving. This week we will be participating at the San Diego County Fair in the breed show, where over 150 beef cattle are entered. I will be showing Alice in the grade show on Saturday (6/8) in the morning if you are interested in coming and watching. Thank you for the opportunity to raise and show Alice this past year. Keep on the lookout for pictures!


Kylie Konyn

Jonathan and Tanks March, April, May Update

These past few months have been super fun. It’s been pretty steady. We had the Kruise Friday night lights livestock show at Escondido High school. Tank and I got 3rd in advanced showmanship and 2 in my class for market. I’m really looking towards the fair due to the fun I had last Friday. He is about 1200 pounds now so we will probably be weighing in in the ball park of 1300. His hair is looking real nice and once he gets the longer hair it will look even better. I’m still so thankful the opportunity I was given to race the steer in honor of Curren!

Danna and Logan Febuary March Update

These past couple months have been really great with my heifer. I have never clicked with my animals as I have with her, together we have won Showmanship classes and won a couple shows! I still can’t believe we won at one of the biggest shows in California…that alone has been the highlight of my year. Everyday and every show she and I have gotten better and better

and I can’t wait to see how the year will end up.

Jonathan and Tank February Update

This month has been great. First off we went to Western Bonanza in Paso Robles. Although I didn’t move on it was still a great experience and I learned a lot. Since we have gotten back I have been washing him and putting some hair products in to help him grow his hair back. This Saturday he is getting his hooves trimmed. Tank currently weighs 1060 pounds, the goal is to get him up to at least 1275 pounds by the San Diego County Fair

February/March Update- Kylie and Alice

These past two months have been full of learning. Alice and I attended our first show at the Pacific Coast Jackpot. She placed third in her class on Day 1 and fourth on Day 2. Because she is not registered she was exhibited in the grade division based on weight. She weighed in at 790lbs. It is amazing how much difference a haircut can make and I am grateful for the fitters who worked with me this past weekend. Looking forward to the next few months I plan to show Alice at the Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair and the San Diego County Fair in the breed divisions. I am also doing research to help determine who I should breed her to this upcoming month. I am very grateful for the opportunity to raise and show Alice this year.

Thank you Curren’s Cows

Kylie Konyn

Jonathan and Tank’s December/January update

The last 2 months have been really good, struggled with a few things here and there but overall it was good. Tank started rubbing on the fence and some hair started falling out so I then had to remove that piece of fencing. Another thing is I struggled with feed a little bit, some was upsetting him and some wasn’t but we tried to mix in some beet pulp and oats and that made a big difference. Next month i look forward to going up to Paso Robles and showing at Western Bonanza Jackpot show. Tank currently weighs 916 pounds, the goal is to get him up to at least 1275 pounds by the San Diego County Fair

Danna and Logan’s December update

The month of December I went to a show in Bakersfield called the Holiday Classic and WON Supreme heifer! I have never won a show before so I was just so excited and couldn’t believe my heifer gave me that first time win for me. The following day we did have a different judge and though we didn’t have a repeat win in the heifer division I am proud to say that Logan and I won showmanship together! Her and I have really bonded and do very well in the ring, she defiantly has a presence and I’m pretty sure she knows she’s a good one!
I continue to work with her every other day and we just keep getting better and better together! I am looking forward to 1 January show and two big shows in February!

Jonathan and Tank’s monthly update for November

This month has been really good. I have had the chance to bond with my steer, Tank. It has also been challenging. First Tank has a sensitive stomach so the first grain we tried wasn’t sitting with him well. We then tried adding some things to the feed, that didn’t work. We then moved onto switching the grain and adding a few more things to get him feeling better. Another challenging aspect of this month was that he got ringworm really early on and I had to treat that daily and keep track of that. But overall this month has been super fun and has taught me a ton.

Tank (looks like his ringworm is healing up great)


This past weekend, Dec 8-9

Danna and her heifer Logan had a great 2 days of competition, The Heifer was named Supreme Champion Heifer on Saturday, was 5th overall heifer on Sunday. Danna was named Intermediate Showmanship Champion Sunday as well. Lisa and I went up to Bakersfield for the show on Sunday, it was great to see them both do so well and to see all their hard work paying off. Congratulations to you Danna, keep up the great work.

November monthly Update from Danna

This has been a great month! Once I learned which heifer I was receiving, I began going out and working with her daily. She has such a sweet personality and has been nice to work with. I decided to name her Logan. Logan is an Angus heifer, which I know little about but am learning quickly. I was able to take Logan to her first show, The Harvest Moon in Bakersfield. We won Champion Grade Heifer, which was very exciting! I decided to use her for my showmanship class because she and I seem to work well together and we got 2nd in Intermediate Showmanship. I have been really enjoying getting to know her and working with her and am very thankful to have this special opportunity that is allowing me to meet new people in the industry. We will be going to Angus Days show this coming weekend as well as the Holiday Classic the second weekend of December. I am so excited for the next year with Logan.

Thank you Curren’s Cows Foundation

Danna Staberg

The First Show

Danna and her heifer attended their first show this past weekend, it was a 2 day show, and they were named Champion both days!

Congratulations Danna!

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