We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations are greatly appreciated.

A banner with all the major sponsors listed will be displayed at shows, and an advertisement in the Pacific Showcase Magazine will list all of our major sponsors as well as listed on our web page and Facebook site.

We are currently in need of a:

*Feed sponsor.

*A Tack and show supply sponsor.

For the Past 5 years Colburn Cattle Company has sponsored the Heifer for our projects, we could not do this without the support of such great people.

Donor list:

Colburn Cattle Company,

Cathy Drolette-Sullivan,

Tim and Heidi McBride

Pro Traffic, Janet Andrews

Lisa Baker,

Mary Baker,

Biddy Humphrey,

Carrol Collins

Sherry Koopman,

Angelina Maria Collins

Olivia Dunham

Fat Ivors Patrons

Triple B Ranches (Winery Patrons)

Don And Stacy Broomell

Gary and Sheila Broomell

Rick Robledo (Working Cowboy Band)

​David Graves

Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians

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