Scholarship Recipients

Announcing the 2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients: Jenna Schmidt of Visalia and Kylie Konyn of Escondido.

Jenna’s Application Essay:

A buckle isn’t won on show day, but the early mornings and late nights in the show barn. After three years of showing cattle this was probably the first lesson I learned. If I want to be successful I can’t just show up to a jackpot with expectations to win if I barely work with my animal. Getting up before school and staying up late to make sure my animal is washed, fed, and exercised is key to success.

Three years of showing cattle have taught me everything from hard work, to time management, and so much more. But sadly since my county fair is so late I am unable to show a market steer for my senior year because I will be off to college. After graduation, I plan on attending a four-year college and majoring in animal science. I plan on attending vet school after my graduate to become a large animal vet and primarily work with cattle and horses. My second career choice is pursuing a career in the beef industry.

I have a love and passion for the beef industry and meat science. During my freshman year I had a slight interest in showing cattle but quite honestly had absolutely no experience around cattle and had no clue what I was getting myself into. Yet, my ag teacher, thankfully, talked me into trying it for one year. I caught the showing fever and never was able to put the show stick down afterward. My first steer, I made a promise to myself to give my project a 100 % effort so I could look back from the experience and have no regrets. I believe that’s one of my better qualities, if I promise to do something, I’m gonna do it to the best of my abilities. I never do anything partly or half done because that’s just not my mindset. If I set my mind to it I’m gonna accomplish it. My first county fair I brought home my first buckle and banner. It wasn’t the fitting job and the hair products that won me Reserve Supreme Champion Market Steer that day it was the all hard work that started months before.

In conclusion, it would be such an honor to represent Curren’s Cows by showing a heifer for the foundation this year. I have only shown market steers, so showing a heifer would be an amazing experience to try something new and learn more about the production side of beef cattle.

Kylie’s Essay

Hello, my name is Kylie Konyn. I am a member of the 56 Ranchers 4-H beef project and this is my ninth year completing the beef project. I would be honored to be given the opportunity to raise and show a heifer for numerous reasons. I enjoy participating at both local and jackpot shows with quality animals. I also enjoy practicing and would like to increase both my showmanship and fitting skills. I would be honored to be given the opportunity to compete at more shows, therefore increasing my knowledge of the show and beef industry around me.

As I am currently in my junior year, I have started to visit different colleges and plan for my future. I would like to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, University of Wisconsin at Madison, or Cornell University, majoring in Ruminant Biology with a minor in Animal Genetics. I would eventually like to continue my education, earning my masters or possibly a doctorate in the field of agriculture or veterinary medicine. Throughout my remaining 4-H years and into college, I would like to participate on judging and knowledge bowl teams in addition to continuing my involvement with jackpots. I would also like to expand my business, Aspire Livestock, which aims and breeding and raising quality livestock for local 4-H members and hopefully, someday beyond my local 4-H on the competitive show circuit.

Bovine, and in particular the beef, is an intriguing industry. There is numerous different competitions you can compete in from judging, to breed, to market, and showmanship. There is a particular art to raising every animal slightly differently. Probably the most intriguing part to me is nutrition and fitting. Every animal must be properly fed to reach their end goal whether it is on a dinner plate as someone’s steak or in the pasture as a replacement heifer. When it comes to fitting, it is amazing how different techniques help to enhance an animals’ physical features and correct their imperfections.

I have been told and consider myself a very hardworking, dedicated individual. I enjoy hands on work and strongly believe in the theory of learning by doing. When unable to show superior animals through my first years in 4-H, I worked on breeding and developing a commercial herd that has since been used as recipients for my genetically superior animals. I enjoy helping younger participants, as shown by my teen leadership involvement in numerous 4-H projects. I currently have limited funds which provide me enough to either purchase a quality animal or be able to jackpot and exhibit the animal at numerous fairs, but unfortunately not both. I hope that you will please consider my application for the Curren’s cow Scholarship.

Sincerely, Kylie Konyn







Our 2018 Scholarship recipient is: Danna Staberg

Danna is a freshman at Central Valley Christian High School. In December of 2014, Danna and her family attended a Cattle show just to watch and observe, that is the point that Danna decided she wanted nothing more than to be in that ring showing cattle.

Danna has had several steer projects and has become an excellent show-person. She states “beef cattle are my passion and my life”. She would like to continue her education after high school, she would like to attend Taxes A&M, Oklahoma State or Colorado State University. She plans on furthering her education in agriculture and hopes to join the livestock judging team. She would eventually like to be a livestock judge as well as a small animal vet.

Congratulations Danna.


Each year we will select a local High School student who would like to raise a steer project but can not manage the cost themselves, we will provide them the animal, feed, and any guidance they may need. In return the proceeds from that animal goes back to the foundation and they will receive a set amount agreed upon at the beginning of the project.

The 2018 Steer Sponsorship Recipient is: Jonathan Pasch

Jonathan is a senior at Escondido High school. After high school he plans on going to Feather River College in Quincy California and majoring in Ranch and Equine Management. This will lead him to a Veterinary Technician and a Farrier.

In previous years he have raised pigs, he really loved the experience and the responsibility that it gave him. This year he wanted to try a steer because he wanted to challenge himself and he wanted to try something new. Jonathan stated “It’s a true honor to raise this steer in the honor of Curren”.

Have a great year Jonathan


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