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Special Update:

I have an update on one of our past Curren’s Cows heifer scholarship recipients. Kylie Konyn, who is in her sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin has been accepted in to the veterinary program. We are very excited for her, congratulations Kylie!

September 23, 2022,

There is just 7 days left to get your applications in, cant wait to see them coming in.

August 1, 2022

As the county fair season ends we would like to thank the Konyn Family for doing such a great job with both the steers and heifer, it was amazing to see the progress of all the animals as well as seeing the Kiara grow as a showman. You can see the confidence she has acquired through all the hard work and dedication she has put forth this year.  It is funny she was afraid that she had disappointed us because she did not finish first at Ramona, it is not about winning it is about putting in the work, time and effort to have your animal reach it potential and have the opportunity to compete for the top spot. Kiara did that, we could not be more proud of her.

As the next show season approaches and next years scholarship applications start coming in, I cant wait to see who applies for the heifer scholarship, we will also be sponsoring a steer again as well, The heifer is a state wide program, the steer will be San Diego county.  If you or someone you may know is a hard working, dedicated person who would make the most of the opportunity to raise and show a quality animal, please apply or have them apply.

November 2021

An update and shout out:
Kiara took possession of her heifer on Sunday, a cute little Angus Heifer that we are sure will grow into a beautiful cow. She took possession of a steer as well.
We want to thank Ron and Lisa Colburn and Tim and Heidi McBride. Ron and Lisa of Colburn Cattle Company donated the heifer as they have from the start. Tim and Heidi, sponsored the steer yet again. Tim, Heidi, Ron and Lisa have been supporting Curren’s Cows from beginning. We also want to thank, Blaine Rogers of Rogers Livestock for helping us with the acquisition of the steer, he found us a nice one.
Kiara will be very busy but we know she will do a great job.
Hopefully we will get pictures when Kiara submits her monthly update. We look forward to seeing both, the animals and Kiara’s progress this year.
Happy Thanksgiving and thank you to everyone who has supported Curren’s Cows, we appreciate you all.

September 2021, There are just a few days to get your applications in, we are excited to start another year, if applicants have any questions feel free to email or call.

Good luck to all that apply

August 2021

We are hoping that everyone out there who would like to show a heifer considers applying for the scholarship. We have had some great kids the past 3 years who have really apricated the opportunity and shined in the moment.  Their enthusiasm and hard work was reflected in the success of their projects even though the past 2 years have had the extra challenge of a global pandemic. The young people worked through that challenge as well, they found ways to exhibit their animal virtually when they could not show in person, they continued to work with and care for the animal every day. Everyone of the past scholarship recipients have expressed their gratitude for the experience and joy they received while working with and showing the heifers. We hope that this years recipient/s have just get the same fulfillment out of their project as well.  Applications are due October 1st, but you can turn them in earlier as well.

November 2020

As our second year of sponsoring projects draws to a close, the accomplishment and success of all two heifer recipients has been rewarding to see. We would not have been able to give these young people the opportunity to experience such and incredible year without your support.

This year we were fortunate enough to be able to sponsor 3 projects, 2 heifers and one steer.

 The Steer project was late in coming this year and the young lady who raised him, Kiara, had a lot of work ahead of her. The steer named Ironman, he had quite a few issues that had to worked through, and was over all a hand full to work with. By the end of the project Ironman had become a gentleman, Kiara through all her hard work got him to where he needed to be.

Jenna and Remi has a great year winning their division at several show and finishing high several times in showmanship. Jenna did a wonderful job keeping Remi show ready and looking the part. Jenna has started college in Oklahoma as well as working for a show cattle operation working with their calves.

Kylie and Payton have done a great job as a team, they have been competitive and won several times in their division. Kylie has made arrangements with Colburn Cattle and will continue to show Payton this season as well. Kylie has been great to work with these past 2 years and I am sure when she heads off to college next year will be very successful.

I hope that you are happy with the success the projects had, the impact they have had on the young people and would consider donating to the foundation again this year.

Again thank you for your support, it has been greatly appreciated.

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