Application Information

Scholarship Criteria:

  • The recipient of the scholarship will be select by the board.

  • Applicants must first submit an essay that provides details about themselves, their goals in agriculture, as well as why they want to raise a beef project.

  • A character reference from a leader, advisor or teacher must be provided.

  • The board will review the essays and select a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 candidates to be interviewed for the scholarship.

  • The criteria for the selection will be weighted off of the essay, interview, and references.

Scholarship Terms:

  • Scholarship applications must be received by October 1st, of each year. The scholarship recipient shall be awarded by the 14th of October.

  • The recipients will have the animal (heifer) for one show season. At the end of the show season the heifer will be returned to the donor. If the donor chooses to not take the heifer back, the foundation will take possession of the animal.

  • The recipient will provide a monthly update due the second Monday of each month. The update will consist of at least the daily care and feed program, the progress as well as pictures of the project, results from competitions as well as a brief written statement about what the recipients has learned and experience with the project that month.

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